Profile Grinding

Profile Grinding is the process of line removal, performed using high flow bobcats fitted with high tech profiling attachments utilising fine adjustment to cater for the variety of substrates and line marking material types.

For smaller linemarking requirements, Avante Linemarking has a wide range of hand operated equipment from manually operated line grinders and scabblers to ride-on mini profilers. Should a large amount of existing markings be required to be removed Avante Linemarking has a fleet of high production removal plant and support vehicles.



Once the grinding process is complete naturally there will be the clean-up element to the job which as a company we value highly. To complement this we have a fleet of street sweepers for cleaning of roadways and pavements after the removal process. The sweepers provide a clean environment and surface for any future linemarking.

This means as a linemarking removal solution Avante Linemarking can service our clients’ needs both in removal and cleaning. It’s essential we complete the job to the highest standard so we ensure we have all of the necessary resources to do just that.

Where necessary high pressure waster blasting removal can be arranged. For more iformation please visit our high pressure water blasting page.