Linemarking Tape

Linemarking Tape is a long lasting solution with options of vibrant colours which are key when it comes to safety and hazard marking. Avante Linemarkings range of high performance vinyl tapes feature a colour-throughout conformable backing that outlasts paint in many facility maintenance applications. Fast to apply and easy to maintain, line marking tape is the ideal choice for clean-line, durable colour.

Lanemarking Tape is ideal for facility maintenance and enhancing plant safety. The vinyl backing features a unique, ‘colour-throughout’ construction resists scrapes, wear, weathering and chemicals, whilst the aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive bonds and seals to most surfaces on contact. The vinyl construction is flexible and stretchable for conforming around curves and irregular surfaces.

A range of sharp, contrasting colours such as yellow, red, blue, green, white and black can be selected from which comply with Australian colour coding systems. This versatile and innovative product is a cost effective solution for many facility maintenance applications from marking and identifying lanes, hazards and safety equipment, to colour coding piping, tools & instruments.

To find out more about our linemarking tape solution please contact the team at Avante Linemarking today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.