Coloured Surface Coatings


Including Epoxy & Cold Applied Plastic Markings:

Cold Applied Plastic markings are a long life material used for specialised markings where high durability is required. An example of this is the School 40 Patch shown.

Other Types of markings include textured coloured markings used for Bus and Cycleways.

A variety of application methods are available to suit different substrates and to provide the required finish, e.g. drop on, single roll in, or two layer coatings – usually the plastic material is coloured and wholly encapsulates the aggregate.

40SchoolThe aggregate material is included to provide skid resistance.
An alternative method of surface colouring which produces a regular and even surface is resin bonded aggregate. This system requires pre-coloured aggregate to be dispersed over a film of epoxy until totally covered.

Architectural finishes are also available in various colours and aggregates for dramatic effect on walkways, driveways etc.
All work is performed to comply with RMS Quality Standard R110.