Business Management Systems

WHS, Quality Assurance & Environmental Policies:

Avante Linemarking has a strong and determined ethic to always improve and develop better work practices. We believe not only does this provide safer and higher quality workmanship, but also a greater efficient and environmentally friendly operation.

We are continually assessing and developing our procedures to improve our operation and workmanship. We have developed work procedures for each intrinsic part of our operation which in turn has improved our level of Quality, Safety and Environmental responsibilities.

We hold progressive training for all our staff with regular toolbox talks to improve our communication and operating performance. All staff has accredited Industry induction certification and has an input into safe work procedures.


Our Business Management System is independently accredited to the Painting Contractor Certification Program (PCCP).

This certification is a mandatory requirement to perform any work for the Roads and Maritime Services and is regularly audited and reassessed by the CSIRO division.


We are also prequalified by the Roads and Maritime Services as Contractors for Traffic Control, Category G which is an endorsement of our OH&S Management System documentation.

Our Industrial Relations Instruments have been assessed by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations as being Code Compliant to 2013 Guidelines.

We are a member of the Australian Federation of Employers & Industries through whose service we remain in touch with latest changes to Industrial Regulations, Workplace requirements and Industry training.